Today is the start of a new work week, the real start of my new life, and the day I get off my rear and take care of those little things that are filling my to do lists.

Speaking of my rear, did anyone know exactly how much fat and calories was in Nutella? My friend Wrye (who despite what I may be thinking right now, I love dearly and nearly cried when I saw her for the first time in six years) gave me my first actual jar of the stuff with strawberries. I was eating ladylike bites of strawberry with a little Nutella on them, then moved on to spoonfuls. Next jar was bought after the honeymoon, when I was stuck on the couch with scrapes and bruises from my various falls. I wasn’t even bothering with the spoon. Then, John looked at the serving size and content. He took it away from me. I called my sister (who loves the stuff) and she said “Sami, put down the Nutella!” That is my new rallying cry, it actually has a lot of meaning for me – “Step away from the Nutella, take a walk, clean the house, do something active!”

Let’s get to some more positive topics. I am healing from my recent bout of falling. This not only means the cuts and bruises but my self esteem and I am re-learning how to slow down my brain so I’m not so preoccupied. I’ve always been clumsy, but geez. Once I realized that I wasn’t paying attention to my outside world because I was so intent on all of the things I had to do. So, I’m clearing my head. Making one master list that will show me that there really isn’t that much to do, and just chilling out a little. Do I have to find a new place to live so I’m not coughing so hard I scare the cats? Yes. Do I need to find a job? Yes. Do I need to change my name on everything? Yes. Etc., etc… but it’s all doable. And, it doesn’t need to be finished by five PM today. Ahhh…deep breath.

While I’m in this moment of calm, I’m realizing that there are little things I haven’t been paying attention to. The sound of the cats’ purrs while they lie with us in the morning, the fact that I have a sense of smell since I quit smoking, and instead of despairing over the mess – I look around at the wedding gifts and realize that quite a few people out there really love John and I.

From small things to a big thing. I’m not alone. I have someone to worry about the bills, the rent, and my myriad of dr. appointments. On the flipside I also have someone to laugh with, listen to the cat purr with, and help me clean what he calls “wedding confetti.” You know what? I’m a lucky, lucky woman.