Wow, what a day yesterday. We were supposed to have a blissful last day of our honeymoon in our own home. Not quite. I fell twice within 24 hours (once in the bathtub taking shelves and the shower curtain with me, then misjudging the curb while walking the dog and eating it on the road) so was stuck on the couch nursing many bruises and scrapes. Yes, I know go get my stupid glasses. Every little thing we tried to do seemed to become a very big hassle. So, I need my happy thoughts today. I promise to also post more of my 100 things about Samantha as well.

Let’s see. We found an apartment that is run by our rental managers to move into. Not only will I be away from this mold that is slowly deteriorating my lungs but we will benefit financially, a lot. It is nowhere as nice as our home now. But it’s temporary and I’m going to have student loans to start paying back and we have a car on its last legs. The management company is letting us just transfer our deposit and move in since; well their house is making me cough so hard I throw up.

I have an actual back to work plan. I am giving myself six months to find employment. I have already applied for a tutoring job at Humboldt State University, and am going to look into homeschooling jobs with the county. I used to home school sick kids for Sacramento City Schools and actually liked it, unlike teaching pubescent sixth graders. The job market here is terrible, so if I don’t find something in that time period because there just aren’t the jobs, I’m not going to be hard on myself. The deadline is just to get me ready to go back to work and get me off my sizeable rear end and start my job search. So, this is positive.

My sister is working her, very tiny, rear end off for me. She is doing a great job putting together all of the pictures from the wedding for our album. I love her. She did a gorgeous job on the photos. Next, the trash the dress pics. I decided to do them on the beach with my mom’s dog and my nephew. I am really looking forward to these.

I must go wake John up for his first day back at work. I’m such a wife.