One of the reasons is has been so hard to keep positive is that John has been feeling awful and that seems to color the rest of our world. He has an intestinal blockage, or at least that’s what the Dr. thinks it is. He goes for a colonoscopy on Wed. I’ve been trying to deal with all of the paperwork, but got behind and it should have been done before the wedding instead of two months later. I really don’t think it’s serious, but it’s scary nonetheless.

Here we go. Being in a relationship can be a difficult balancing act, as I’ve been learning on the job. But, you know what? I’ve never been needed like I am by John. Not in an I have to have someone need me for every little thing or my life isn’t validated. Or, even just a “Samantha, where the Hell are my socks” kind of way (although he does say that on a regular basis). He needs me like I need him, to smooth the waters and remind him that life is going really well. Being needed gives dimension to my life, it’s not just the Samantha show anymore. That’s a good thing.

I’m not sure how positive this one is, I’m just finding it humorous. We have Zebra Finches. They reproduce like bunnies, or well, Zebra Finches. Before we moved there were three babies just leaving the nest and the mom (Jina) and dad (Kitu). Then Astra-cat got into the bird room knocked over the cage and was able to eat Jina. (No, this is not the part making me happy) So, the babies were left motherless. When they became mature we gave the boy baby to my parents and planned to trade the two girls to the pet store for a new wife for Kitu. Then we moved, and we kept putting off taking the girls in. Yesterday I all of a sudden thought to go into the nest and make sure there weren’t any eggs and if there were I would throw away any daddy-daughter possible offspring. Unfortunately, I was WAY too late. There weren’t just eggs, there were three hatchlings! Why am I listing this as a happy thought? Actually, I’m not really sure. Am I marveling over the miracle of life? They are really cute? Maybe it makes me shake my head at how irresponsible John and I are that we let this happen, and I’m just happy they don’t have eyes on the back of their heads or wings on their backs.

The weather here has been gorgeous. I have actually started walking with John on the disc golf course. I don’t throw, just watch him. But, it’s a great walk through the woods and special time for the two of us. That makes me happy.

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