So I haven’t written in a really long time. Sorry, to my little lonely blog. We are all moved into our new apartment, it’s been an adjustment and insanely stressful. I thought organizing a wedding while finishing my degree was hard, this move for some reason was double the stress. But, good things abound! I need to remind myself of that daily and if I start writing in this blog again maybe that will be easier.

What is putting a smile on my face? My cat Tommy was refusing to stay in the new apartment. He kept going back to the old house and scaring the bejeezus out of me. I’d go back put him in the car, getting scratched in the process. Bring him back to the apartment and lock him in for a few days to a week only to have to repeat the process. Then one day, he just started coming home on his own. Now all of the happy Pankey pets can come and go out as they please. Well, Millie the dog just goes out on the patio and the birds, sadly enough must stay in the cage.

Because we saved up wedding gift money and are saving a ton because of the move, we were able to buy a new(er) car. Wow! This is actually the first time I’ve owned a car that was made in the same decade that we are presently in. Isn’t it pretty?

While there has been some getting used to living underneath people, I love our little apartment. There is less area to keep clean, a more kitchen with more space, and cupboards and closets everywhere. Now that we are settled I realize it makes me very, very happy!

I’m sorry it’s been so long, how are all of you?