I’m sitting on the couch trying to figure out what I’m happy about as well as composing a list of things I need to do today and both are difficult. It’s not that I’m not happy about anything, I am. I’m just getting a little stressed and I think, letting it get the best of me. I really want to just sit and play on the computer (love reading wedding chat boards, looking at help wanted ads on Craigslist, and posting on Facebook) or go and hide at my friend around the corner’s house (and play with her adorable English Bulldog).

So what is making me happy? Last night John went and cut enough Calla Lilies from the alley to cover our kitchen table. He knows I love them and want them in my bouquet. He doesn’t quite understand that my aunt and cousin already ordered some (legally rather than stealing them from some poor person’s garden, even if it was overgrown into the alley) and they will be making me a gorgeous bouquet. He has the best intentions, and it was very cute when he piled them on me while I was lying in bed.

Speaking of my aunt, she sent me the nicest email about this blog yesterday. She has been reading and enjoying getting some insight into the mind of Samantha. Made my day. Hi Aunt Jan!! That truly made me happy. I’m not writing for a blank void, or even just my own vanity.

Love that my future sister-in-law has jumped on the job of being my “day of” coordinator. I sent her a list of how I want the day of the wedding to go and she is going to make sure things will go smoothly and occur when they are supposed to. Loved that she emailed me back with her questions in red, I answered the questions back in blue. I think our minds might work in a similar way on some things – like organization. I love lists and timelines. For someone who seems fairly chaotic, I enjoy activities and items that try and organize my life.

Three days and counting. Leave calming comments please!!