As we get closer to the date of the wedding I ponder the chances of future happiness. Can one person really bring you closer to an overall “happier” life? Will John bring me to the level of positivity I’m trying to reach? I know that you cannot depend on one person to “complete you.” I don’t expect or want to place that kind of responsibility on someone. It centers on me. I complete myself. My partner complements me. Yet, the importance placed on this one day in my life (where I pledge myself to one person) skews that view.

Anyway…what is making me smile today? My mother gave me the old “pirate chest” that we have had since I was a child. It’s a little rusty, but I love it! Anybody have hints on how to clean it up? On the subject of material possessions my family gave me my dream dishes (fiesta ware) and glasses (fire and light) for wedding gifts. Boy, do they make me smile (the stuff as well as my family). Should I let “things” regulate my happiness levels? Of course not, but I am allowed to like nice things aren’t I? Wow, was that defensive sounding?

For Mother’s Day I had everyone over for brunch. John got his hands on armfuls of tulips and we were able to pick bunches of other flowers from the garden of the empty house next door. The day went exceptionally well and I still have the flowers (albeit they are a little “wilty”). That morning we all ate my signature Spanish omelets and country potatoes and then John set up his new disc golf basket and the guys played. This included nephew Jack (who just turned 2!). My brother-in-law said he had rarely played, yet he got almost every throw into the basket. John was a little embarrassed. Jack hugged my pear tree and he and my dad agreed that “trees are our friends.” Happy day.


As of last week I am the possessor of a Master’s Degree in Liberal Arts. Whew! Five years of one class at a time. I can hardly believe I’ve done it! Because of the wedding this milestone is not being as celebrated as I had hoped, but I can only expect the world to revolve around me to a certain point. I know I did it. That is what matters.

What is making you happy today?