For most of my adult life I’ve hated Sundays. Everything is closed, there is no mail, and basically you can’t get anything done. I don’t focus on the good things I used to do on the last day of the week. Like long walks, and leisurely brunches with mimosas (mmmm…mimosas, there’s an idea). I think I liked it if I could complain about it. I’m going to try and turn that around.

Positive vibes today – Finding great blogs about happiness and choosing to be happy. Had no idea there were so many kindred spirits out there. I’m trying to collect and share different writings I’m finding on the subject. If you are interested in reading more on positivity and happy thoughts go to my profile and sign up to follow me in Google reader. I’m finding a treasure trove of blogs about just having a happier life.

I’m supposed to hear from my cousin (who is town for other cousin’s graduation) today so that we can get together. My sister may come over to hang out with us too. That would be so cool; we hardly ever see each other outside of family functions anymore. She is busy with her son, I’m, well, I’m just now starting to “hang out” with groups of people again after a long social hiatus. I hope it happens.

Exactly one week until the wedding. This means one week until the honeymoon. This will be John’s first actual vacation. So happy to be sharing this with him. We are renting a house on the beach on the coast of Southern Oregon. I’m hoping it doesn’t rain the whole time, but have my doubts. We are also going to drive a little farther up and visit my grandparents, who can’t make it to the wedding. Glad they are going to be able to meet John, and excited about seeing them. Since they moved to Oregon from Southern California I don’t see them nearly as often. I miss them, so this is the icing on the honeymoon cake (mmm…cake, is there a honeymoon cake?).

Hope you all have a great Sunday!