Things that aren’t making me happy – coughing fits, horrid back pain, and John asking me if I was afraid that I’m not going to fit in my wedding dress (who asks that? Really!?). Ok that’s off my chest, back to perkiness. I had great fun at my hair and makeup run through yesterday. They took pictures and should be posted eventually by Angela’s (in Eureka, Ca – Yay Rachell!) on Facebook. It’s actually nice to take time to look extra nice, every once in awhile. Yet, it looked a little weird to have wedding hair and makeup while wearing my Mama Cass tie dyed dress (my go to “I need to be comfortable” dress).

The opposite of what is not making me happy – I found an allergist who is going to get to the bottom of the coughing. I really like her. I go for a “prick test” in three weeks, which will show us what I’m allergic to. Also, my regular doctor ordered x-rays on my lower back to figure out what exactly is going on. He finally paid more attention to what I was trying to say, and the fact that my left buttock has been numb for three months. Thank goodness!

I love it when I wake up early, go back upstairs and see John sleeping diagonally on the bed. Usually both cats are lying around him. I’d post a pic but I don’t think he’d like that much. Will loving little things like this eventually wear off as the years go by? I hope not.

Happy that my cousin might come home to Portland when John and I are there to see us. Also, excited to see my grandparents and have them meet John. They can’t make it to the wedding, which makes me sad, but this will be good as well.