Where do I start? I’m sitting on an overstuffed couch in the coziest cabin ever at 5 in the morning. This blog was started so I can remember the good things in life. Right now I can’t remember the bad. Were there some problems? Sure there were. Every event I’ve ever planned had something to complain about. I’m not going to list what went wrong today. Let’s just focus on the good!

My family was beyond wonderful. The cookhouse was decorated in an extraordinary way. This was thanks to my aunt and cousin (the gorgeous flowers), a family friend (Joy) who bought the decorations and had an amazing vision, and my maid of honor as well as her family who helped bring that vision to life.

The wedding was so “us.” It was laid back, there were things that didn’t happen that were supposed to, yet that was just fine. My sister was able to record the entire ceremony, which I can’t wait to see. It was a little surreal, and while I remember certain things I know I missed out on a lot. I especially want to hear once again the service the officiate gave. Eugene was amazing!! He had everyone in tears (the good kind).

I’m still keeping this to three happy thoughts even though I’m overflowing – John is demanding my attention and can’t believe I’m blogging on our honeymoon. The third is, of course, I’m Mrs. Pankey now. I’m so happy and proud to be this man’s wife. We’ve been joking, laughing, and loving since we got in the car to come here.

Thank you to all who helped and came to share our day. I’ll post a few pics each day.