Yesterday, John and I left Portland (with trepidation as my grandfather had taken ill overnight) with a plan to go down Hwy 101. We were going to find a cheapish hotel halfway, then drive the rest today. Not in the cards. We stopped at an Indian Casino, I did my compulsive gambling thing while unbeknownst to me he came up with a way to say he was just ready to come home. He missed the animals (he actually reached for Tommy the cat one morning and was really upset when he realized that there was no cat in our cabin), wanted one day to get the house in order before he went back to work, and honestly, just wanted to start his life!

I am soooo happy to be home. I know some would ask how it can be that different when you had lived together for two years prior to getting married. Knowing that John and I have made vows before our friends and then took four days to just be together and make plans has helped me see our life with a little more clarity and develop a less cynical view of couple hood.

John and I made some pretty hefty decisions – we would find a new place to live (must be kinder to sinuses and lungs), I’m giving myself 6 months to figure out this getting a job thing, and we will start the foster child process in a few years from now. All great ideas and it feels great to have discussed them with my husband, not just make a decision on the fly by myself.

My maid of honor cleaned up the wedding mess in our house while we were gone. How amazingly sweet! So great to come home to a clean house rather than the remnants of the “wedding hurricane.” Love her.

Don’t worry, I will finish my list – thought I would work on it on ride home, but we were having some pretty intense conversations about the future that I just didn’t get to it.

Have a great day where you only let positivity in!