Today feels strange. I’m in a great mood, but should be stressed out. Guess I should just be happy about that rather than question it. I’m going to have my makeup and hair trial today. It will be weird since I haven’t worn make up in about two years. I’m such an aging punk rock hippie. John gave me permission to put bright purple highlights in my hair after the wedding. Should someone who is in her early 40’s still be using Manic Panic hair color?

What’s making me smile – soon to be in laws coming together for the wedding, helping John out with rehearsal dinner. They are making sure we don’t end up at the zoo guzzling beer that night. I guess that wouldn’t be so bad, except I don’t drink beer.

While I’m at the salon today John is going to clean. I did a little last night but he said he’d finish up. Yay! I’m with someone who understands my allergy to cleaning and is willing to pick up the slack. The house isn’t so bad, but it does need some help since we are having about 15 people over on Saturday night.

Some of my new girlfriends and one of my old ones (she’s not old, has just been my friend for a long time) are going to come over on Friday night for wine and female bonding. I don’t get enough of that. This is making me happy, yet a little sad at the same time because I miss the close friends that I have drifted from in the last five years.

Are new friends really silver and the old ones gold?