News from the honeymoon: my goodness what do you want to know? It’s a honeymoon! Actually we are having a wonderful time. Today we are driving to Portland to see my grandparents (which means spending about 6 hours stuck in the car together – trial by fire!). At the same time I am praying for a quick recovery for my other grandmother who just had surgery. At 101 years old. I wish I lived closer to both grandmothers. Were we really meant to be so spread out from our extended families? Shouldn’t I know my cousins better than I do? Shouldn’t all of my grandparents have met my future husband before he became my actual one? Why am I being so philosophical while on vacation, at four in the morning?

So why am I happy this early morning? While it may have rained all day yesterday, John and I had a great time. We did spend time on the beach finding different kinds of rocks and shells. John has an extensive knowledge of geology and never ceases to shock me with what he can teach me about – well – dirt and rocks. We found a kite and tried to fly it, with no success but it was hilarious to watch John try.

I spoke to my friend (and maid of honor) Sharon who is taking care of the cats. They were so upset about having so many people in and out of the house during the wedding weekend they had been hiding. They are back out now, and while Astra is hissing at people, they are getting back to normal. I miss the animals, but they are being well taken care of. You can’t ask for better helpers than Sharon or my mother (who has the dog and the birds). I love that people wanted to babysit for us. My animals are a little temperamental, yet others love them as much as I do.

For my third happy thought I will go back to what I was originally thinking about – grandparents. I am really looking forward to seeing my grandparents (these are my mother’s parents). I haven’t seen them in over a year and I miss them. I speak to grandma about four/five times a week and I relish those conversations. Our roots are important and I think it’s important to discover what we can about them. My grandmother’s history affected how my mother developed and therefore affected me. OK, did that just sound insanely self centered? I think my point is that we don’t grow up in a vacuum. Our relatives aren’t just here to give us $5 at our birthday when we are kids. Their lives are intertwined with ours, and that should be recognized.

On with the honeymoon. To my family – I love and thank you all. Please leave comments to remind me that people are actually out there in my new cyberworld!